IMPORTANT: Parrot recommends to charge batteries after each mission.

When stored, the batteries should be charged at least once every 3 months.


  • How to store Bluegrass's battery
    If you are not using your battery, it must be stored correctly. Ideally, it should be stored with a full charge in a dry and well-ventilated area at a temperature of about 20°C (or 68°F).


  • What are the factors that can damage the battery?

-        Several factors can significantly reduce the life of a battery.

-        Never leave a charged battery on a charger.

-        Never fully discharge the batteries before recharging them.

-        Never expose LiPo batteries to extreme temperatures.


  • How to increase the lifetime of a battery

To preserve your battery as much as possible, be sure to follow the advice below:

-        Never store a battery that is fully discharged.

-        Charge your battery fully when using it for the first time.

-        Do not charge a battery that is still warm.

-        Recharge the battery after each use

-        Always respect the charging time indicated in the instructions.

-        Never use a swollen or damaged battery.

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