With ANAFI Work, a MicroSD card (Sandisk Industrial 16GB) is provided: we recommend using it.

Other MicroSD cards can also be used with ANAFI, but they must be formatted in FAT32 to record ANAFI media.

Lexar :

  • Lexar 300X 64GB
  • Lexar Pro 1000x 64GB
  • Lexar Pro 1800x 64GB

PNY : 

  • PNY Elite Performance 64GB
  • PNY Elite Performance 128GB
  • PNY Turbo 32GB
  • PNY Turbo 64GB

Sandisk :

  • Sandisk Extreme 32GB
  • Sandisk Extreme 64GB
  • Sandisk Extreme 128GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus 16GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus 64GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus 128GB
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB
  • Sandisk Industrial 16GB (fournie avec ANAFI)
  • Sandisk Ultra 32GB
  • Sandisk Ultra 64GB
  • Sandisk Ultra 128GB
  • Sandisk Ultra 200GB
  • Sandisk Ultra 256GB
  • Sandisk Ultra 400GB

Sony :

  • Sony SR UZA 128GB

These microSD cards have been tested extensively by Parrot teams and are fully compatible with ANAFI’s latest firmware versions.

Formatting your microSD card in FAT32 is mandatory and it can be done either with a computer or directly from ANAFI, using FreeFlight 6.


Formatting a microSD card with ANAFI:

1-      Power ANAFI on and set it up as you would for flight.

2-      Run FreeFlight 6.

3-      From the home page, tap the SD logo to access Media.


4-      Tap FORMAT SD CARD.



5-      Select Quick formatting or Full formatting:

  • Quick formatting: Standard FAT32 format;
  • Full formatting: FAT32 format with a new storage partition.


6-      Tap Format to confirm.


7-      FAT32 formatting is being carried out. When complete, tap CONTINUE.



8-      The microSD card has been emptied, FAT32 formatting process is complete.






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