This article will guide you through the process to navigate the dashboard, create and manage your projects and flight plans in ParrotFields.



Once you have logged in to your My Parrot Business account on ParrotFields you will have access to the dashboard.  This is the home screen area from which new projects and flight plans can be created and existing projects accessed.

Create a new project

1. Tap either + New Project or the + icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. You will be prompted to either create a New Project or Plan Flight.

3. (Optional) To return to the dashboard, tap the <insert icon> ParrotFields icon in the top left corner.

4. (Optional) On the dashboard, tap the <insert icon> Trash icon beside a project to delete it.  Note, once a project has been deleted it cannot be recovered.


New project

1. Tap NEW PROJECT to see the project view, create field boundaries and rename a project.  Map layers once created will be accessed from this view.  To begin, most tools will be grayed out until map layers have been created.

2. (Optional) To plan a flight from the project view, tap the drone icon in the top right corner.  This will take you to the drone flight planning stage.


Plan flight

1. Tap PLAN FLIGHT to see the project view with Flight Planning tools open.  This is where you can plan a drone flight, import an existing field boundary or plan aerial scouting paths.

Note: import an existing field boundary feature coming soon.


Help and Settings Menu

1. Tap the ? icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the Help and Resources menu.  Here are the quick links to both ParrotFields knowledge base and how to contact support.

2. Tap the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.  Here you can:

  • About - see current version of ParrotFields installed on your device, access terms of use and privacy policy notices
  • Account - access and manage your account for ParrotFields and Pix4Dfields Desktop
  • Licences - view your license information when connected to the internet.  Tap MANAGE LICENCES to view the account management web page
  • Units - select either metric or imperial measurements to be used within ParrotFields
  • Theme - toggle on/off the light theme to adjust the color palette
  • Acknowledgements - third party license information
  • Help us improve - manage your preferences to send anonymous application use to help improve the software
  • Log out - to log out your ParrotFields licence, note this can only be done when connected to the internet.


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