This article will guide you through the process of signing up and logging in to use the application ParrotFields.


Sign-up and login

You will need an internet connection to download the application onto your tablet device and to login for the first time.  We advise that you complete these steps in the office before going on site.

Install ParrotFields onto your tablet

1. Find ParrotFields on the Apple App Store.  Download the app, install it and set app permissions.

2. Launch ParrotFields, read the license agreement and help improve the software information.  Tap NEXT.

3. On the login screen, enter the email and password that you used when you activated your ParrotFields license via  Tap LOGIN.

4. (Optional) If you have not yet created a My Parrot Business account, tap Sign up here.  If you have created an account but forgot your password, tap Forgot password and follow the instructions.


5. Once logged in, select your ParrotFields license from the list available and then tap NEXT.


6. If you cannot select a valid license, check your license status via by tapping Manage Licenses, or tap Contact Us for further support.

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