Anafi 1.2.4


  • Fixed an issue where the gimbal would not incline properly to follow a "Point of Interest" during a Flight Plan
  • Fixed an issue where the photo mode would keep the last selection made instead of going back to the default "Single" mode during a Flight Plan


Anafi 1.2.0

Fixes and Improvements

  • Auto-recording of Cineshots and SmartDronies (video mode only)
  • Improved HDR in 4K UHD
  • HDR available in 2,7K and 1080p standard video modes
  • HDR available in JPEG Single and Burst photo modes
  • AE Lock available in PRO mode
  • Bracketing: RAW support
  • Burst : 14 pictures in half a second
  • Improved Smart RTH
  • Touch & Fly mode divided into two sub-modes: Waypoint & POI (point of interest)

New features

  • Pairing of Skycontroller 3 and ANAFI using the provided USB-A to USB-C cable (a µSD card must be inserted into ANAFI)
  • Two new Follow Me modes: Track and Dynamic
  • Smart framing: choose the position of your subject within the frame in Cameraman, SmartDronies and Follow Me modes.
  • Neural Network: double tap to select a person or a car in Cameraman, SmartDronies and Follow Me modes
  • New Dronies: Orbit et Parabola (Smartdronies) Vertigo (Mode POI)
  • New Cineshot : Spiral
  • Spot AE
  • Slow Motion 120 fps (4x slower) in 720p
  • ANAFI yaw speed correlated to zoom factor
  • Gimbal tilt widget on screen
  • Gimbal calibration through the app
  • “Hand launch” tutorial at first access to the HUD
  • High wind alerts on screen


Anafi v1.1.0 (Android & iOS)

Fixes and Improvements

  • The users can now edit the minimum altitude for a Return Home (20m to 100m). 30m is now the default RTH value.
  • ANAFI works better with more Android smartphones resulting to a more stable video streaming on Huawei phones.
  • 4K videos can now be downloaded on iPhones in FreeFlight 6 gallery
  • Media can be downloaded on all Android devices


New Features

  • Burst photo mode captures 10 photos over 1s in Jpeg.
  • Bracketing photo mode allows to take several shots of the same scene using different exposure values (-3; -2; -1; 0; +1; +2; +3).
  • Hyperlapse video mode can now speed up to x240.
  • ANAFI is now able to record in 2,7K video resolution in 24, 25, 30 fps.
  • Semi-Auto exposure mode: in Pro mode, the user can choose to let some parameters in automatic mode and tune one setting at the time. (Not compatible with HDR)
  • AE-LOCK: it’s now possible to lock the auto exposure over the full screen.
  • Image adjustments fine tuning image settings of Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness.
  • Gimbal alerts in case of Overload or Calibration error.
  • Improvements on formatting SD cards
  • Added a formatting SD progression icon (Spinner)
  • Video recording restarting automatically upon a resolution/FPS/Style/HDR changes
  • Added MPP3 factoy reset (Firmware is not reset)
  • Faster drone update through the Skycontroller 3
  • Added a phone vibration on critical and medium alerts
  • Alerts are now more visible on the bottom of the HUD (SD card, GPS, Follow Me, Geofencing, Auto landing...)
  • Added a forced landing alert
  • Added a countdown before an automatic Return To Home (3..2..1.. RTH)


Anafi firmware v1.0.1

  • Fixes and improvements in image quality
  • Fixes and improvements to the "Return Home" feature

Fix in SD card formatting process for Mac OS X compatibility

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