Piloting preferences set the way ANAFI behaves, in each individual speed mode. Tap “FILM” or “SPORT” to select the speed mode you want to set.

For each item, move the slider to select a value – or tap your selection with regards to Banked turn.


·       Max inclination:             5° to 40°                           (By default: 10° for FILM; 25° for SPORT)

·       Max inclination speed   80°/s to 300°/s               (By default: 80°/s for FILM and SPORT)

·       Max vertical speed        0.5m/s to 4m/s               (By default: 1m/s for FILM; 2m/s for SPORT)

·       Max rotation speed       10°/s to 200°/s               (By default: 10° for FILM; 30° for SPORT)

·       Max camera tilt speed  1°/s to 180°/s                  (By default : 10° for FILM; 20° for SPORT)

·       Banked turn                    NO / YES                           (By default: YES for FILM; NO for SPORT)

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