Remember that your ANAFI’s smart battery enters wintering mode when you do not use it for 10 days in a row. When in wintering mode, pressing the power button does not turn the LEDs on.


To exit the wintering mode, you need to initiate a charge, if only for a few seconds, until at least one LED starts blinking – even if Parrot recommends you always run a full charge before using a battery for a flight.


Additionally, if your smart battery’s behavior is not consistent with that described in the user guide, you can always reset your smart battery with the following quick procedure, which should be carried out on the battery alone, away from the drone.

1.       Press the smart battery’s power button and keep it pressed for 15 seconds, regardless of the LEDs behavior.

2.       Release the battery’s power button.

3.       The battery’s LEDs run green and red, then display the battery’s charge level for a few seconds.

4.       The battery’s hard reset is complete.

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