Modeling can be improved from a combination of 2 flights:

  • Combination of missions: Circular + Circular:

For better 3D modeling, more photos are needed, and they need to be taken from different locations. For this, we can operate a 2nd flight on the same site at a height and a different path.

  • Combination of missions: Grid + Circular:

For a better 3D rendering of a building, two consecutive circular flights at different heights and diameters produce good modeling results.

  • Combination of missions: Grid + Grid:

For a better 3D rendering of a terrain or a property, a second grid flight perpendicular to the first will give the same result as the 'double grid' under iOS.

  • By increasing the number of images:

The number of photos determines the quality of 3D modeling.

The default values ​​of the app Pix4Dcapture are correct, however adjust the angle of capture between the images at 8 ° (instead of 10 °) in the settings menu of the page 'map' can better cover the building to model , to generate more photos. The speed can be kept at 'fast'.

  • By reducing the height of flight

The flight (s) must not be too high, the drone has no zoom, and if the number of pixels representing the building is too small, the 3D modeling will not be exploitable. A good height of flight will be of the order of 5 to 10m above the building. For a house 10m high, a flight at 15 or 20m is recommended. In the presence of trees, be sure to fly over or around.

  • By adjusting the distance

DISTANCE: The flight (s) should turn sufficiently far from the building to properly capture vertical walls and surfaces. A flight to the vertical of the roof will not take a good picture of the walls. The camera of the drone being oriented at 45 °, it is theoretically necessary to distance the drone from the same distance from the walls as from the roof. If you fly 5m above the roof, you have to fly 5m from the walls around the building.

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