Skycontroller 3 v1.0.8

  • Changed disconnection delay to SDK (from 60 to 10 seconds)
  • Corrected issue where the controller would not clear the Return to Home alert on the LED when the alert disappeared
  • Notification on wrong WPA key entry
  • Made connectivity between Freeflight 6 and a new drone easier
  • LED is now blinking during fastboot flashing


Skycontroller 3 v1.0.7

  • Slightly faster Anafi update through the Skycontroller3
  • Fix gimbal command after reconnecting to the drone
  • Faster reconnection at the limit
  • Connect to a wall charger or a dedicated USB charging port on a PC (with the thunder symbol) to get the fastest charging speed
  • Limit current delivered on USB A for some non-compliant Android smartphones
  • Better error handling of the Android/Skycontroller 3 connection
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