• If the photos are not satisfactory, you can restart a new mission with the appropriate changes.

- For iOs users: Normally launch a new mission

- For Android users: Normally start a new mission or find the same project in PROJECT LIST and press the '+' button to start a new mission.


• If the photos are over-exposed or under-exposed, the exposure of the image can be changed by turning the right rear wheel of the Parrot Skycontroller 2 before the flight or during live video streaming from the drone.


• To better reproduce walls and facades in the case of building mapping, draw a circular flight plan around the building. The camera is oriented at 45 °, if you fly just above the roof, you will not get wall details.


• On a CIRCULAR mission, for better 3D rendering, Parrot recommends flying 2 missions at 2 different altitudes.

In addition, the size or position of the flight plan can also be changed.


• In windy weather, the flight may be longer as the drone tries to stabilize before taking the pictures.

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